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The best that Grobnik and surrounding area has to offer


The best ingredients for exquisite meat dishes


The sweetest ending of each great lunch or dinner

A place where your senses are taking you

When dishes we consume are delicious, meat is soft and prepared as it should be according to the rules of profession, we say we are satisfied. When a pleasant atmosphere, really good waiters and fast service are added to that– the restaurant certainly gets a recommendation. When we raise all of this to a higher level adding our unique culinary touch to excellent ingredients, when the overall gastronomic experience reaches a level where a guest will hardly have an objection, in that case we are talking about Aerosteak.

Be sure to try ...

Beefsteak KC-10210 kn
Beefsteak in horseradish and apple souce with homemade croquettes.
Beefsteak B-52210 kn
Beefsteak on mashed fennel with authentic polenta in wine.
Beefsteak Bell X-1210 kn
Beefsteak in mixed pepper souce with home made croquettes.
Beefsteak F-14210 kn
Chopped beefsteak with black olives and feta cheese, baked potato filled with curds.
Since our opening in 2009., we strive to achieve a unique gastronomic experience for each of our guests. As our guests are returning, it seems that we succeed. Become one of them.
T-bon baby beef steak, 100 g48 kn
min. 400 g
T-bon veal steak, 100 g48 kn
min. 250 g
Fiorentina, 100 g35 kn
Ramp steak with bone, min 400 g
Tagliatta beefsteak175 kn
Rucola, parmesan, aceto balsamico.
Hot-cold salad of beefsteak 80 kn
Beefsteak leaves with julienne vegetables, rucola and parmesan.
Veal salad and herbs75 kn
Greek salad45 kn
Lettuce, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, paprika, olives.
Mozzarela salad45 kn
Mozzarela, fresh tomatoes, basil, rucola.
Salad „Nica“45 kn
Tuna with rucola and radicchio, onion, olives, capers, salted anchovies.
Seasonal salad18 kn
Lettuce, radicchio, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers...
Rucola22 kn
Grisini14 kn
Fried potatoes18 kn
Boiled Potatoes16 kn
Chard20 kn
Barbecue vegetables26 kn
Rice18 kn
Crockets22 kn
Home made pasta22 kn
Vegetables on butter25 kn

The sweetest part for an end or a good start...

Mascarpone cream with
forest fruits
28 kn
Mascarpone cream with forest fruits28 kn
Day cake25 kn
Tiramisu in a glass28 kn
“Jaca’s” pancakes45 kn
for two.

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Soboli 53,
51 219 Soboli, Čavle
+385 51 250 193

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